On Svveat we feature free workouts where:

  • there is no cost for the class/session
  • there is no pressure to join a paid service
  • one-time classes or sessions are clearly scheduled
  • they are completely open to the community

If your workout or event meets this criteria – let us help spread the word.

Host Information: Tell us about your group! How long has your group been around for? Let everyone know why others in your community should join in on the fun.
Workout Information:
  • - Workout dates (ie. Do you host this workout every week or is it a one time event?)
  • - Workout start and finish times
  • Visitors can filter their search by the categories they want - so make sure you choose them wisely and include all the relevant ones
    Visitors can filter their search by the amenities too, so make sure you include all the relevant ones.
    Where does your group typically meet? Include your entire address to enable Google Maps.
    The first image will be shown on company listing cards within our results page.
    Let attendees know if they need to register online in advance.