Every Thursday, Svveat Stories managing editor Lindsay MacAdam tackles your most pressing fitness questions—this week, how to stick to your fitness plan when dealing with a lengthy workday commute.

I love my job, but with upwards of two hours spent commuting every day, I’m struggling to commit to my workouts. I’m not a morning person, and by the time I get home in the evening all I want to do is Netflix and chill. How can I fit regular fitness sessions into my already-long weekdays?
— Drivin’ Me Lazy

Svveat photo for Svveat Stories Blog. Find free fitness with Svveat.Don’t be so hard on yourself, Lazy.

As a fellow long-ass-commuter, I feel your pain. But believe me when I say there is hope, it just takes a little planning. Follow these tips and you’ll be out of your workout rut in no time.

1. Find a workout that fits your schedule

The first step is to find a fitness session that works for you, both timing- and location-wise. Ideally, it would be something you can make it to on your way home from work, so you can avoid going home in between. Because trust me: If you go home, you will not want to leave.

Having trouble finding a suitable workout? If you live in Toronto, Svveat has you covered. You can search all of the city’s free fitness offerings by day of the week, time, location and exercise type.

2. Pack your gym bag the night before

Next to planning your workouts ahead of time, packing your gear the night before is the best way to set yourself up for success every day of the week. Since it’s already packed and ready to go, you’ll have no reason not to take it with you in the morning. And once you’ve lugged that stuff around all day, you’ll be even less likely to skip your planned workout.

3. Bring snacks

Not only is this my motto for life in general, but it’s also key to fitting workouts into your busy weekdays. Exercising when you’re hungry is no fun at all. If you do it, you won’t be performing at your best. And, let’s face it, hunger pangs often lead to irrational decisions, like: I’ll just pop into this grocery store for a protein bar and then out you walk 20 minutes later with three bags filled with items you definitely didn’t need.

So spend an hour on the weekend whipping up a few protein-packed snacks, and pop one into your lunch bag for an end-of-day energizer.

4. Use the buddy system

Find some fitness friends to keep you accountable. Tell them your plans for the week, arrange to do some workouts together, and then suddenly you have yet another reason not to bail. The next thing you know you’ll be planning your vacations to coincide with road races around the globe and discussing training schedules over cocktails.

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