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Summer is here and that means Tribe Yoga Jam is in full swing. As the founder of Tribe Fitness and the host of Toronto’s largest free outdoor park yoga class, I’m happy to share a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past three summers.

  1. Arrive early.
    Tribe Yoga Jam happens in City Place’s Canoe Landing Park, a large urban park with very little shade. Those who arrive early typically score the best spots to practise—under a tree. Arrive early and claim your favourite spot!
  2. Wear sunscreen.
    One of the greatest parts of summer park yoga is leaving the studio behind and moving and grooving out in nature, the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. But sometimes there’s a little too much sun. Be sure to apply your favourite sunscreen before you arrive and reapply as needed throughout the class, especially during a sweaty practice. 
  3. Bring water.
    Water and a hot summer workout go hand in hand, so don’t forget it! Be sure to pace yourself during your practice and stop to grab a drink whenever your body needs one. You might even consider freezing half of your bottle before class, filing the rest up with water right before you leave and letting the frozen portion slowly melt in the sun, keeping both you and your drink cold.
  4. Dress in light colours.
    Being out in the sun, you’ll want to keep as cool as possible. Consider wearing clothes made of a light, breathable fabric, which are also light in colour. These might be shorts or cropped leggings, a tank, sports bra or short-sleeved shirt—anything that doesn’t restrict your movement, while still being airy and cool.
  5. Bring a friend.
    You and your bestie, practising outdoors on a gorgeous sunny morning—is there any better way to start your Sunday? Bring a friend and make a morning of it.

Join Tribe Yoga Jam every Sunday this summer at Canoe Landing Park in City Place. The class starts at 10 a.m. and all levels are welcome. Be sure to bring your own mat (plus a water bottle, sunscreen and a friend) and we’ll see you on Sunday!

Heather Gardner is the founder of Tribe Fitness. Check out the Tribe Fitness host page on Svveat for the group’s social links and upcoming workouts.

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