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Academy of Lions is an official affiliated CrossFit gym that has been serving the people since the summer of 2008. Our goal is to build strong communities through athletics, movement, and doing the right things for our body and mind.

We have been hosting free CommUNITY Classes since February 2015 to help break down the barriers to health and fitness, giving everyone access to our space with no financial limitations.

The class focuses on cardio and mobility, and is suitable for any and all fitness levels. All instructors that teach our CommUNITY Classes are Academy of Lions coaches—top-notch coaches with a number of different certifications under their belts. We like to change up the coaching rotation for these classes from time to time so attendees can benefit from the different training philosophies of our various instructors.

We’re always looking to add new members to the Academy of Lions community, so just show up with an open mind and a positive attitude. Be ready to work and have some fun at the same time. We offer CommUNITY Class every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30pm, and everyone is welcome. See you soon!

Academy of Lions Community Class 1Tried & Tested

“Every week, you have the opportunity to walk through those glass doors, march up a flight of stairs and face your fear of working harder than you have all day. A friendly instructor greets you as the group is welcomed into the concrete studio, and the blackboard to your left describes your fate. A brief warm-up gets your heart rate going, a Tabata-style circuit sculpts every inch of your body and, if you’re lucky, your 50-minute workout ends with you discovering the true meaning of a squat to Moby’s song ‘Flower.’ Afterwards, you feel an immediate sense of accomplishment and wonder why this class wasn’t already a part of your regular routine. CommUNITY Class gives you a glimpse into the amazing programming offered at the Academy of Lions without having to invest in a membership. Try a class or two or three, and I swear you’ll be hooked.”—Johanna Robles Tam, founder of Svveat

“As far as I’m concerned, the CommUNITY Classes at Academy of Lions are the Toronto fitness community’s best-kept secret—I still can’t comprehend how there aren’t lineups out the door for these killer workouts. Continuing to offer these classes free of charge may go against every business principle known to man, but it really speaks to the company’s core values. First-timers can expect a mobility warm-up followed by 10 minutes of skill building that differs every class, culminating with a high-intensity Workout Of the Day. Overall, I’d describe it as CrossFit without the weights. Paleo diet not required.”—Lindsay MacAdam, managing editor of Svveat Stories

Academy of Lions Community Class 2

Author: Nathan Blackmun, communications manager at Academy of Lions.

Check out the Academy of Lions page on Svveat for the gym’s social links, upcoming CommUNITY Classes and other special events.

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