At Peace Collective, we’re helping to ensure Canadians have the resources they need to reach their full potential. While the proceeds from our garment sales help to address the problem of child hunger (with each item sold providing two meals to a Canadian child in need through the Breakfast Club of Canada), we created the Peace Foundation to extend our reach to other charitable organizations.

Part of the Peace Foundation, our Pay It Forward initiative supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada through donation-based fitness classes hosted at our flagship store and at our local partners’ studios. We have a variety of classes available, from fast-paced spin to mindful meditation—there’s something for everyone. The recommended $10 donation per participant provides a Canadian child weekly access to sport through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada.

The Pay It Forward program is all about promoting a healthy, active lifestyle in order to provide the same for a Canadian child who may not normally have access to recreational sport. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada helps youth find their passion and chase it, and we are proud to support such an amazing organization. This partnership will help ensure that young people have a safe space to grow among their peers and develop healthy habits.

Working with passionate people is always our goal, as we believe that anything done with a full heart is done well. Every person involved in each of these classes is passionate about what they do, from studio owners and class instructors to participants. These classes allow us to connect with like-minded Canadians who want to support their community while doing what they love.

This initiative would not be possible without our community partners—their commitment to giving back is truly unparalleled. Sharing our vision of creating a stronger Canada, they are what makes Pay It Forward thrive. Each instructor donates time to teach, which allows 100% of the class proceeds to be donated to the worthy cause.

Check out the Peace Collective page on Svveat for the shop’s social links and more details about the Peace Foundation’s upcoming Pay It Forward classes.

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