Every other Tuesday, Svveat Stories brings you Svveatspiration: an inspiring series of first-person narratives from our fitness community’s unsung heroes. This week, Kelty Campbell shares how she found a Toronto run crew to call her own.

The day I completed my seventh half-marathon, Facebook’s “memories” feature aptly popped up with a picture from my high school track days—some things never change! I grew up dancing, swimming, playing tennis, skiing, biking, skating and doing gymnastics, but running has always been my nirvana.

Kelty racing
Photo by William Chaupiz, co-captain of Toronto’s Night Terrors Run Crew

When I moved to Toronto, I immediately looked up running groups and was amazed at the number of free fitness community events and run crews. (Shoutout to Svveat for bringing them all together!) Each crew has a different vibe, so finding one that suited my schedule and needs was easy. Running solo can be extremely liberating and meditative, but there’s such a heartwarming team spirit that you get from running with a group—not to mention accountability. We all come from different walks of life and have different running abilities, and yet the amount of support and crew love is overwhelming. I’m not a “Type A” runner, but I still challenge myself to go faster, be stronger and achieve more. Hearing about our team members’ amazing accomplishments inspires me daily.

Photo courtesy Nike Toronto

I first joined Night Terrors Run Crew (NTRC) for a trail run not knowing anyone, but I needed a recharge in nature to clear my head. At a time when it felt like nothing was going right, running provided the solace and encouragement I needed. I’m incredibly thankful for the dedication and welcoming vibes that the crew’s co-captains William Chaupiz and Sula Larochelle bring to every NTRC run.

Kelty was featured in the Winter 2017 issue of Canadian Running magazine

This year, I signed up the Blue Nose Half Marathon in Halifax and got in touch with the North End Runners beforehand. Hearing a group of complete strangers cheer me on at the finish line made me feel like Usain Bolt (I know I was nowhere near as fast as him, but something just kicked into gear). Running unites people, and it’s not limited to the Toronto community; it’s global, and that’s something to celebrate.

My next running goal: run a marathon. I know I can do it, and I hope to do well. Here’s to many more kilometres and many more high fives!

“The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race, it’s to test the limits of the human heart.”—Bill Bowerman

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To join her for a run, check out the NTRC host page on Svveat for more information.

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